I live in Libby, M t. I handcraft American Indian bead work pieces and knit dish cloths and towels. aprilsbeading & crafts

I was in a bad car accident 23 years ago and told to take 3 years off of work so I could heal my body up. I was told to go on disability because the doctors didn't think I would be able to work. I took 3 years off and took up American Indian bead work .
I worked really hard to get myself back to work finally, I am a direct care staff for developmentally disadvantaged people I need this craft store to bring in the extra money for when I retire. At the same time I continued to make american Indian bead-work. I have gotten really good at beading, having my own unique style. I also have some side lines such as cotton hand knitted dishclothes whice I knit by hand . I will I opened aprilsbeading.com about 2 years ago and I am still at it, working on building up my business. Come and visit me on the internet and see some really unique beaded bracelet designs . I am working on christmas earrings now.I am a perfectionalnest at all the items I hand craft and You will be pleased with my work!!
The shipping is free for bead work( included in the price)!!I am building some really unique christmas earrings now for you to view at aprilsbeading.com and buy!